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Body & Tanning



Airbrush Spray Tan - Lasts up to 5 days

Fake Bake will offer you the best in self-tanning. The formulas give the best colour and choice of developing times to suit you.


Full Body FAKE BAKE - 60 minute development £27.95

Full Body FAKE BAKE GOLD - Natural golden tan £27.95

Full Body FAKE BAKE - Regular formula 8hr development £24.95

Face, Shoulders & Arms £15.75

Legs Only £15.75

Cream - Lasts 5 to 7 days

Full Body £39.95

Complete treatment includes full body exfoliate and moisturise.

Face, Shoulders and Arms £19.95

Legs Only £16.95


Full Body Massage £55.00

A full Swedish body massage taking extra care to promote total relaxation and wellbeing. Using infra-red heat where needed to give total relaxation.

Treatment time: 55 minutes


Back Massage - Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage £30.00

Using Swedish body massage movements to gently ease away tension in the back neck and shoulders. Using infra-red heat where needed to give total relaxation.

Treatment time: 30 minutes


The warmth of the Lava Shells allows deep relaxation in this bespoke massage treatment. Working on pressure points and tension areas to ease stress and stiffness, delivering an intense and powerful massage.


Lava Shells Relax Back Massage £35.00

Treatment time: 25 minutes


Lava Shells Relax Full Body Massage £65.00

Treatment time: 55 minutes


Steam / Power Shower £12.00

Warming steam cabinet is the ideal way to start a body treatment, relaxing muscles, opening pores and deep cleansing the skin.


Inada - Shiazu Massage Chair

Electric massage chair giving a roller massage from the shoulders to the lower back and air massage on the buttocks and behind the neck. Automatically locates pressure points to relax muscles and relieve minor muscle aches and pains.

20 minutes session £9.95


Pressure Point Scalp Massage £29.00

Scalp and neck massage using essential oil blends to de-stress and revitalise, this deeply relaxing scalp and neck massage uses Eastern techniques to relieve tension and restore your natural energy flow.

Treatment time: 25 minutes


Himalayan Body Brilliance £45.00

Body exfoliation and moisturise using Himalayan sea salt to gently exfoliate the body and revitalise the skin. The treatment is completed with the application of body conditioning moisturising cream to nourish and leave the skin silky smooth.

Treatment time: 40 minutes


Purifying Pamper £65.00

Detoxifying body brush, exfoliate and massage. This delightful treatment is specially designed to encourage the removal of toxins in the body. We begin with body brushing to exfoliate and increase circulation, you are then treated to a full body massage using Lymphatic drainage techniques. This will stimulate the body and boost toxin removal.

Treatment time: 70 minutes


Cocoon Indulgence Body Wrap and Facial £75.00

Drift away dreamily in our warm and cosy body cocoon. A delicate blend of sea salt and coconut oil is used to refine and rebalance the skin, then a rich nourishing oil with rosehip and coconut is applied all over the body and you will be cocooned in luxury while we perform a Rejuvenating Facial.

Treatment time: 85 minutes


Hot Stone Massage – Thermo Therapy £65.00

Using fragrant oils and the heat from volcanic rock to massage over the body leaving the muscles totally warmed and relaxed. An intense luxury technique to ease aching muscles and totally relax the body and mind.

Treatment time: 55 minutes



Inter Slim For Muscle Toning

An inch loss machine concentrating on muscle toning. A computer controlled treatment, which will give your body a comfortable workout which will be both speedy and effective, leaving your body feeling refreshed.

30 mins £19.85

6 x 30 mins sessions £108.00

1 hr session £25.00

6 x 1 hr sessions £140.00


G5 Vibrating Massage For Cellulite & Skin Conditioning

30 mins £19.95

6 x 30 min sessions £110.00


Work your way through 3 exercise tables and exercise your muscles without putting pressure on your hips & spine. End with a gentle session in our Shiatzu massage chair.

Non Member Individual sessions £9.25

Annual Membership £4.95


Annual Membership

Off Peak 9 - 4 £37.50

Anytime £55.00

Members Only 8 Sessions £37.95

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